Mexico City-based left-field electronic label NAAFI performs “ritmos periféricos,” or outsider rhythms: intense, hard-hitting, and distinctly Latinx electronic music. NAAFI is an experimental club music collective and label from Mexico City. The LA Times said, “NAAFI is changing club culture around the globe.“


Hayden Molinarolo, aka DETH_BB, is a musician, photographer and digital artist based in St Louis. Taking cues from commercial photography, his work plunges into the uncanny valley through digitally manipulated images that challenge mainstream notions of beauty and normalcy.

Eric Dontè

Eric Dontè, aka Melanin Manson, is a St. Louis-based rapper, singer, musician, model, performer, and artist that defines categories. A trendsetting social music pioneer rooted in genre bending hip-hop post-Odd Future tinged by Manson-like darkness with post-trap beats, Eric’s introspective soul searching continues in his upcoming album A Lamp in a Room.

Saylor Surkamp

Saylor Surkamp is an DJ and artist. She is based in St. Louis and plays internationally.

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