Experience Design & Space Curation

Tj Hughes

3D game developer and designer, Tj Hughes, is the creator of the alt-game, “Nour” — the interactive, 3D food game with no goals. “Nour” received international attention for his game and has been featured in Polygon, VentureBeat, The Creative Independent, Food & Wine, and was featured in the immersive game art exhibition, Gamebox, in Shanghai, China.

Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson is a St. Louis based artist using technology to create luminous sculptures with analog circuitry and electronics. Fascinated by the intersection of art and technology, she is constanty studying. Currently, she is practically studying electrical engineering at UMSL-Washington University joint engineering program, in order to be able to create more emerging technology artworks and innovations. She is a member of Qi Hardware and her path towards the New Bay Area and Shenzhen, is unstoppable.

Maxwell Foley

Maxwell Foley is an artist, developer, producer and now DJ as part of T.J.MAXXX.

Justin Enoch

Justin Enoch is a designer and musician whose work is influenced by Eastern European musicology and experimental music history. Born in Romania, they grew up in Hungary before his family relocated to Saint Louis. They create audio and video algorithmically with Max/MSP. In 2016, they founded and still operates the Chicago-based Radio Benska which celebrates the “vibrant contemporary Central and Eastern European cultural history.” They lives and works in Saint Louis.


Breaking down the work of art. Breakerspaces is a movement to create media art residencies around the world, particularly inside tech innovation hubs and office parks. Tech cannot be created without art and art does not work without technology. The concept invented by artist Matt Hope, debuted with Breakerspace STL, a residency lasting the entire month of April 2018 at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District. The 2nd Breakerspace took place in two locations from March 25-30 during Hong Kong Art Week: Breakerspace HK #WASTEZERO at Pedder & Hollywood and Breakerspace HK #ROOFZERO at The Clubhouse HK in Wan Chai. The third iteration is on April 27 in Saint Louis at Biota in Laclede’s Landing called Breakerspace BS2K.

Artwork Curation

Barry Threw

Barry Threw is a technologist, designer, strategist, and cultural producer with over a fifteen years of experience at the helm of forward-looking art and technology projects. His previous leadership positions have produced innovative, influential teams and businesses, ranging across built environment, experiential, and creative technology.

Music Curation

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews is the Executive Director of Venture Cafe St. Louis and Innovation Hall, which hosts the largest weekly gathering of innovators in the world. Tyler is a strategist and cultural producer with a focus of identifying, connecting, and growing local emerging creative communities. His previous leadership positions launched innovative projects across healthcare, technology, and art.

Art Critics

Lee Kratzer

Lee Kratzer is a cultural philanthropist, art hobbyist, collector, and founder of the Kratzmuseum. He currently lives and works in the alluring suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri.

Sarah Myers

Sarah is a writer, speaker, and analyst.

Jon Phillips

Jon Phillips is Co-Founder of Fabricatorz, a global art technology studio. His projects have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale, SFMoMa, ICA London, OCAT Shenzhen, and featured in Wired, the Washington Post, BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN and the Guardian. He lives in Saint Louis and Hong Kong, and is currently working daily on blockchain projects.