• 09.00pm DOORS Open + Artwork Placement Begins
  • 09.00pm T.J.MAXXX (debut sets by Tj Hughes & Real Boy Eternity)
  • 10.00pm Failed Shape (debut performance)
  • 10.45pm DJ Taye (Teklife/Chicago)
  • 11.00pm Artwork Placement ENDS (artwork entry ends)
  • 12.15am GRRL (NTS/Durham)
  • 01.15am Biota DJ Crew - Ekse/Namatamago/Jake Leech (STL)

Experience Design & Curation

Artwork Admission

  • Donate your artwork at the door for review by art critic from either 1-6pm during Breakerspace at Biota or at the door from 9pm until 11 pm. Accepted works grant free admission and a chance for a flash grant.
  • Art critics include, Lee Kratzer, Sarah Myers, Jon Phillips.
  • Upon acceptance, you will receive a ticket for entry and then may work with a curator on placing your artwork in the space for review by Patrons.
  • What type of artwork? Any type you can justify, including visual, music, and performance. Live performance must be done during the event.
  • Ranked grant payouts from the pool will be decided by the Patrons and announced at midnight.
  • If your artwork is denied, you may rework your artwork or concept up to two more times (OR) you may buy a ticket (OR) become a Patron.
  • Artists are encouraged to come to Breakerspace on-site at Biota in Laclede’s Landing from 1-6 PM in order to work on projects alongside experience designers Tj Hughes, Ann Johnson, Maxwell Foley, Justin Enoch, Jon Phillips, Barry Threw, & Tyler Mathews.

For More Information

  • Friday, April 27, 2019
  • Biota, Laclede’s Landing, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
  • Optional on-site Breakerspace Art Making 1PM - 6PM
  • O.N.G.2 Main Event 9 PM - 2 AM
  • Get tickets online (OR) at the door with card