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Saint Louis — Wednesday, April 3, 2019 — Fabricatorz announced O.N.G.2, the next installation of the O.N.G. (ONLY NEXT GENERATION) series is set for Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the new underground club, Biota. The two-part event begins with the return of the nomadic hackerspace, Breakerspace, inviting technologists and artists to create new works which will find their way into the evening’s performances. The second half of the evening will be a visual and sonic media experience headlined by club curator and NTS resident DJ, the Durham-based GRRL, Teklife’s up-and-coming DJ Taye of Chicago, a public debut of deep-fried hardcore techno from St. Louis-based Failed Shape, and a mix of late night rave and alt-club from resident Biota DJs. Art for the event is created by 3D alt-game developer Tj Hughes, Maxwell Foley, Anne Johnson and other works created during the day at the Breakerspace.

“Break it until you make it. That is the call to action at Breakerspace,” said Breakerspace co-founder Jon Phillips. “Breakerspace’s rebirth in St. Louis is about firmware modifications for software, Linux, open-source hardware, and continuing the vision set forth by artist Matt Hope in creating a ‘#zerowaste’ experience as just completed at Art Basel Hong Kong.”

Breakerspace opens at 1:00 PM on Saturday and all works must be completed by 6:00 PM to be considered for inclusion into the show. Music begins at 9:00 PM. The club location will be revealed once tickets are purchased at

“The O.N.G. series brings artists and musicians together to strengthen connections between the individuals leading various electronic music and dance scenes across the globe,” says Tyler Mathews, board member of Fabricatorz Foundation, which supports the O.N.G. series.

O.N.G. launched last year with an experiential party in the Cortex district featuring progressive sounds from Mexico City collective NAAFI, Eric Donte, deth_bb, Saylor, Maxwell Foley and Matt Amato, with the experience produced by Hayden Molinarolo. The art and music series is a collaboration between Red Bull and Fabricatorz Foundation to highlight emerging artists and musicians. April 27, 2019 marks the second installment of the series with its uniquely midwestern take on the “art happening”, which re-imagines a concert and gallery experience through an accessible club environment.

The ticket fee and any profits are donations to support local St. Louis artist community.

For More Information Friday, April 27, 1:00 PM until 2:00 AM Breakerspace 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM O.N.G.2 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM Biota, St Louis, MO, exact location will be revealed with ticket purchase. $12 donation for general entry

About Fabricatorz Foundation

Fabricatorz Foundation is a St. Louis based non-profit supporting creative technologists and emerging cultural practitioners with community-focused initiatives that drive innovation through art, technology, and culture. The Foundation is made up of a team who have led projects for Fortune 500 companies, A-list international artists, top museums, galleries, and educational institutions around the world.

About GRRL

GRRL is the internet’s most avid overseer of alien riddims. Their latest offering, Volt, is a three track EP of peak-time rave and breakbeat. GRRL’s strongest suite is harkening back to old-school while maintaining relevance to dance music’s current trends, delivering fresh, timeless projects.

About DJ Taye

Chicago footwork producer DJ Taye made his name as one of the youngest artists affiliated with the Teklife crew, which he joined in 2010. Born in 1994, he began making hip-hop beats and rapping at age 11, and was introduced to the sounds of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn in 2007. Entranced by the head-spinning beats, booming bass, and frantically cut-up samples, he began producing his own tracks in that style, and eventually racked up several digital releases and mix sessions. Tracks by Taye appeared on Hyperdub’s 2014 compilations Hyperdub 10.1 and Next Life, and the label signed him, releasing his debut vinyl EP, Break It Down, the following year

About Failed Shape

Failed Shape is an emerging producer and DJ primarily creating deep fried hardcore. Ranging from dance to noise with a deconstructive approach, Failed shape works with abbrasive blends of 909s, happy hardcore, nightcore, and polymorphous textures.

About Tj Hughes

3D game developer and designer, Tj Hughes, is the creator of the alt-game, “Nour” — the interactive, 3D food game with no goals. “Nour” received international attention for his game and has been featured in Polygon, VentureBeat, The Creative Independent, Food & Wine, and was featured in the immersive game art exhibition, Gamebox, in Shanghai, China.

About Breakerspaces

Breakerspaces are spaces dedicated to artists deconstructing — or “breaking” — new technology, disruptive innovation, and the status quo. In April, 2018, Fabricatorz Foundation held the first month long #breakerspace01 residency at CIC St. Louis in the Cortex Innovation District.

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