O.N.G. interviews Willpower LifeForce about his new album UnMasking The Illusion, lead video single WE R FREE BEINGS, and his way of thinking right now. We are big Willpower fans here at ONG Records. Watch the video, listen to the music on repeat and read on.

Who is Willpower LifeForce?

An Universal Being, expressing himself Artistically as a way to experience human life, project and receive.

Feeling connected to lives and dimensions beyond this one, he fills that as part of his mission to share what he sees to contribute the great of awakening of humanity, where we realize who we are beyond the global control, in order to shift the manufactured dystopian trajectory into a utopia of unity, love, diversity, health, nature, benevolent conscious technology, balance and well being. It is all possible. We choose, we co-create.

Where do you come from?

I’m a hybrid of the South of France, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and now Berlin. To give you a glimpse, I grew up traveling and living in between places. I grew up in HipHop, the entertainment world and global cultures.

I was skateboarding down the streets of lower manhattan at 10, deejaying in Prince’s club downtown LA at 13, while attending concerts in Paris, shooting a harpoon at fish on the French Riviera’s Mediterranean beaches, making my own mixtapes, doing graffiti, reading books about government corruption and colonialism, playing sports, playing with batteries and electronic parts, witnessing violence and disharmony, witnessing the LA riots, connected to a powerful voice and spirit within myself…

Where are you going?

I don’t know… but it seems to be heading towards open source decentralized technology and an abandonment to centralized proprietary tech… I see myself continuing being an artist and spiritualist… bringing together spirituality and technology… Willpower The Tech Shaman.

I see myself finding creative and sustainable ways to make a living.

You left social media it looks like? Where did Willpower go?

Haha. Yes, I disappeared in a poof of stardust… I am focusing more on my website www.WillpowerStudios.com.

I’m into open-source and decentralized blockchain platforms, so I’m looking at element, jitsi, gab, odysee, minds… I’m getting into crypto and digital currencies through the new internet being birthed. I flipped from macOS to Ubuntu for my work and this is really exciting !

Willpower Light Face

How has the pandemic affected your life and work?

Oh wow. It created the greatest opportunity to see the shadowy dark agendas towards humanity come to light, which catalyzed my huge digital transformation, as well as the direction of my work. In my new music video WE R FREE BEINGS, I just go in without holding back. The big tech censorship made me self educate on the topic of digital privacy and what they are doing with our data.

For me, seeing how gullible people are, how they follow the mainstream controlled narratives without the ability to discern through it, was, and is still a huge awakening. I’m questioning whether I will stay in these fictitious societies or go off grid with like-minded people.

Your new album is just out “UnMasking The Illusion”, how did it come about and what do you hope for listeners?

What gave it birth friend “W” telling me that my voice should be heard. He supported me in playing a part in the voice for health freedom. We did not want to live in a world where masks were mandated. There is something fishy behind this whole situation and we can smell it. It does not make sense and it is all lies. If it weren’t, we’d be dead by now.

For listeners, I want an open mind and open heart. If you are already hip to what’s going on, I think you’ll appreciate the message. If you’re not, it’s all good too. I want freedom of expression for all people.

Willpower Pointing

Who did production on the album and is involved with it?

I produced the tracks on an iPad and also did the recording and mixing on it! Garage Band really did it for me. It gave me the ability to go into nature or walk down the streets making beats.

Also you released a lead video on YouTube WE R FREE BEINGS. How did this video come about and who directed it? Where did you film it?

Yes, WE R FREE BEINGS came to life when I was sitting with a friend, his dad, and another friend. We were talking about the global situation and I played them my EP which was dedicated to the topic. My friend Izumi Yamamoto said, “let’s do a video!”

My friend Toan who is a dancer and acrobat said that he’ll feature in it. Izumi contacted a friend who is the director, Ben Plefka, a talented photographer with an acute understanding of how light works. He directed it. We have 2 versions!

I edited the first version released 01.21.21. A friend of Ben’s is a producer and he remixed the track. Ben did an edit to go with the remix track. This version comes out 2.1.21. We filmed it in Ben’s studio in Berlin and in urban areas of the city for the remix. I installed an hologram projection in his studio for the shoot which was pretty epic.

Willpower Light Face Gold

These masks! The dancing! The led lights on your arms? What are the names for these projects and how can people buy these?

The LED Masks I make are called Light Face. The Lights on my arms are called Light Arms. They are DIY wearable tech and are my first prototypes. Light Arms use an eTextile addressable LED board designed by a friend which shoots light into a fiber optic cable. I used copper thread to sew the circuit into a cotton band I sewed to be strapped onto the arms. The breakout board is also custom and uses a small chip called the ATTiny85. There is a button made from conductive fabric to change the light animations. To know more about it, go to the project on my site and select the Light Arms project. I want to make the eTextile Light Arms more durable before making them a product, but I can make LED masks for people if they contact me via my website: www.WillpowerStudios.com.

What is next for this album and music in 2021 globally?

I want people to see the music video and for the message to travel because many people are questioning the illogical mandates and what is really behind it. I want to keep pushing it also for my work to be seen and trigger opportunities to do very cool artful and purposeful projects. I hope that my work can be appreciated.

Willpower Looking

Where is the world heading?

Well, if we look at what is being pushed by corporations, globalists and others, it looks like hell on earth and no more humanity.

If we look at what many are co-creating, we see a new earth, a new humanity being birthed. A humanity that wants to live freely, away from the tyranny, technocracy and totalitarianism, balance with nature and communities that live to love and love to live.

Anything is possible. Our collective consciousness and unconsciousness will determine the answer. But first, we must awaken to what is truly happening on this planet. All information is accessible. It is now up to the people to awaken and rise beyond. This looks like a very small minority, but with 7 billion people on the planet, it may not be that small after all.