O.N.G. interviews midwest underground legend ICE. A SAINT of SAINT LOUIS. She is the White Witch, a hillbill queen. Watch out! What she touches turns to ICE. You aren’t hot enough to be cooled by ICE. Yah dig? We caught up with ICE. O.N.G. suggest you listen to her music while you read this interview.

Now play ICE’s music and read…

ICE Architecture

What kind of art do you do?

Subconscious Doodling aka Free Doodle, 3D collages printed on paper with wax ink, gardening, painting, music production, sound collaging, architecture & environmental design.

Who and what inspires you?

FREEDOM inspires me. So does nature, geometry, Bucky Fuller, Li Ziqi, Sigi Koko, Mizu Gami, Tole Painting (learned from my mom), Wat Budhamanee Rattanaram, Michael Cretu, Bruce Franks, Jr., Maxi Glamour, Eric Donté, and DJ Hood Bunnny.

What 3D art digital tools do you use to create?

I use Revit, SketchUp, AutoCAD, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, digital painting, and Movie Maker.

ICE Drawing of Pompidou Centre

What is the style or themes of your art ( break down and answer separately for 3d digital art, music, etc.)?

The themes of my 3D digital art revolve around acting contrarily towards absurd architectural, environmental, psychological, and agricultural trends. I also illustrate tranquil spaces that heal, such as bathhouses, gardens, and meditation spaces. For example, in St. Louis, there is nowhere for the public to immerse themselves in clean water, so I proposed a civic bathhouse that included a lazy river, spa stations, and lush gardening.

The themes of my music range from collaging a hillbilly apocalypse with an appreciation of ecological beauty, to experimental country club, electronic underground head bangers, euphoric trance, catch n release bass music, and channeling local and futuristic soundscapes.

Describe your creation process with your digital art.

I usually start with parts and pieces of real life architectural projects. I extract pieces of models and morph them into a new offshoot fantasy. Imagine that you created a magazine with many pages of text and design, and then you tore out some of the pages, cut them up into little pieces and rearranged the context to suit your alternative ideologies. It’s like that — an act of rebellion against mainstream conventions and a call for challenge.

ICE and Eric Donte

Tell us anything else you would like to know! :)

There are only 2% licensed black architects in the USA and only 0.3% are black women.

Abolish ICE.

Free Joshua Williams.

Free Everybody In Jail For Weed.

Tune in to my radio show LIVE FROM THE ICE BOX. Streaming every Saturday night 11pm-1am EST on RAWKOUS.COM.