ONG3: July 13, 2019.

Counterpublic Close Out Club Night

🎹 Music ✍🏿 🐻🐈 BEARCAT 💿 He Valencia 🧒🏾 RA Child
🖼️ Experience ✍🏿 BIOTA 🏆 Katherine Simóne Reynolds 🌿 Dwight Portocarrero ⌨️ Matt Ruzicka

O.N.G. is a One Night Groupshow.
Only in Saint Louis.
Only Experienced Once.
Only New Art.
Only New Music.
Designed for the Night.
Only Next Generation.
O.N.G.3 is at Treffpunkt
Near the Cherokee Street Neighborhood
3453 S Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, Missouri, 63118, USA