Kat Simone Reynolds


Biota is a platform for underrepresented, experimental electronic music and club culture. In addition to curating and fabricating safe, inclusive spaces for nightlife, Biota hosts a series of lectures at Venture Café which interface with a variety of sound and music industry related topics.

Dwight Portocarrero

Dwight Portocarrero explores the precarious state of our ecosystem through sculpture, living installations, and works on canvas. Growing up in Venezuela, he was immersed in a tropical environment that fostered his appreciation for fertile land and extensive flora. This continues to impact his aesthetic inquiry. Witnessing sociopolitical unrest and its repercussions fueled his interest in recontextualizing the garden. Portocarrero lives and works in New York and Venezuela. Follow his work on Instagram.

Matt Ruzicka

Matt Ruzicka is a St. Louis-based artist who builds interactive installations inspired by his interests in technology, nature, philosophy, and novelty.

Tyler Mathews

Tyler Mathews is the Executive Director of Venture Cafe St. Louis and Innovation Hall, which hosts the largest weekly gathering of innovators in the world. Tyler is a strategist and cultural producer with a focus of identifying, connecting, and growing local emerging creative communities. His previous leadership positions launched innovative projects across healthcare, technology, and art. tymathe.ws