O.N.G. Records Presents, Saint McLuhan, a collection of original music productions from St. Louis connected producers deth_bb, Realboy Eternity, EKSE, Paul B. Davis and Fluke Nukes. Interspersed with these tracks are samples from a radio interview of Eric McLuhan, the late son of Marshall McLuhan, who states that Marshall McLuhan’s media theory work began in St. Louis and was inspired by the people and culture of the city. It also influenced a famous St. Louis son, Walter Ong, a graduate student of McLuhan’s, a Jesuit priest and media theorist, in his own right. O.N.G. is named after Walter Ong.

Come to O.N.G.2 Saturday, April 27 in St. Louis. Realboy Eternity and Ekse from the mixtape is performing live. deth_bb and Fluke Nukes also will be on-site.

Thanks to the McLuhan Institute and Fabricatorz Foundation for supporting this release.

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